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Thank you for your interest in my breeding.

Know that we are located in the Bouches du Rhône near Aix en Provence

All our kittens are sold castrated and sterilized.

Our mission as a breeder is to bring healthy kittens into the world in order to be well in their paws, which is why the temperament of my cats is extremely important to me.

We look for in our breeders an exemplary temperament, a physique that respects the standard of the breed and of course, who are in good health.

Any family wishing to adopt from us must complete a pre-selection form which will help us to determine first of all whether the breed and character of the kitten chosen may be suitable for you.

See you soon at the Giants of Hyades

* Please note that completing this form does not guarantee you an option on one of our kittens and we reserve the right to refuse your request if we consider that the breed is not suitable for you.  


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