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loof / NO LOOF

What the LOOF (Official Book of Feline Origins) says

excerpt from the official website:

“Without a LOOF pedigree, a cat born in France is considered" alley Cat "

even if his parents have a LOOF pedigree(Ioi from 6 jaJanuary 1999, decree of August 28, 2008).

He can only claim the appellation of “type” cat or “appearance” cat.

This name does not provide any guarantee, neither morphological nor behavioral,

but only means that the cat looks like a cat of Persian or Siamese breed, for example.

  Today, the use of the term "purebred cat" for a cat without a LOOF pedigree is considered a deception by the courts and the breeder can be condemned

The LOOF pedigree is an official document. Requested by the breeder, and by him alone, its overall cost is 35 €. »

You will have understood that buying a cat of a non-LOOF breed is contradictory! and in the end a form of scam for you adopting !!


Traceability and guarantee

"Choosing a cat of the LOOF breed means choosing the guarantee of a cat which, as it grows, will meet your expectations.

To select his breeding stock, the breeder bases himself on morphological and behavioral criteria, but also uses a very important document: the pedigree.

A veritable "family book" for the cat, this official document retraces the entire genealogy of the kitten over four generations. There are inscribed the names of his ancestors, their race, their color and, where applicable, the titles of champions.

No breeder worth their salt sells their kittens without LOOF

Those who do so avoid declaring their income for taxes and defraud you by selling you a cat that will never officially be a purebred cat. At the price of 900€ on average for a non LOOF cat, it is excessively expensive for a gutter!

Generally, these same breeders do not test their cats for all diseases of the breed and this therefore exposes you to worries in the long term. Think about it!!

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The Commitmentsnts from a LOOF breeder: 

  • Promote the breed he raises

  • Perform all DNA and ultrasound health tests

  • Give the adopter the certificate of commitment in accordance with the law of November 18, 2021

  • Possess his ACACED (Certificate of Knowledge for Pets of Domestic Species) + SIRET number for professionals.

  • Have a mediator in the event of a dispute

  • Give you, on the day of departure of your kitten, a certificate of good health established by his veterinarian

  • Kittens leave sterilized/castrated, identified, dewormed and up to date with their vaccines

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