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Maine Coon

Choosing your Maine Coon kitten

On this page, you will find the albums of each Maine Coon litter and a file per kitten to find the one that will make your heart beat. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice and guidance in your choice. 

For each of the kittens, you will be able to find on its file one of the following mentions:

  • Available: the Maine Coon kitten is available for sale

  • Optional: the Maine Coon kitten is pre-booked. (but may become available again)

  • Reserve: the kitten has been reserved and is no longer available. The contract was signed with a deposit payment.

  • In evaluation: the kitten is being evaluated for the cattery but can become available again at any time.


We have decided to join the SNPCC and thus participate in their Breeder Quality label. 

Through this label and this quality process, the cattery establishes its commitment to the selection and good health of its breeders (see SNPCC LABEL page)

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We don't have any kittens available at the moment, we are hoping for spring births!!

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